Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast enhancement is a procedure done to increase the size of the breast. It is performed for women who have lost fullness after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and also for women who desire more volume. It is a popular method used to increase the size, to augment the shape of the breast and to improve the symmetry of a woman’s breast. This is most often done using silicone cohesive-gel implants and sometimes fat-grafting. Breast augmentation surgery is an effective way to enhance the size of your breasts. It involves inserting implants into the chest area to create larger breasts. Breast Enlargement Surgery in Chennai, If you are considering breast enlargement surgery in Chennai, then you should consider the following factors before making any decisions.

How do I choose my new size?

During your consultation, Dr. Sasi Kumar will work with you to identify what size of breast you desire from augmentation. As a general rule, every-150cc of implant volume approximately equals an increase in a single cup size. However, every patient's body is different. By discussing with your surgeon and their clinical team, you can set obtainable and healthy expectations together.

Will my nipple sensation or feeling change?

Most women will have loss of some feeling or sensation following breast augmentation surgery. Loss of sensation may be more when a periareolar approach to implant placement is selected . loss of sensation may last 6-12 months before returning to normal.

Choice of implant:

Breast implants are filled with silicone cohesive-gel . The shell of the implant may be smooth or textured. Implants also come in either round or tear-drop shapes. Implant choices have their advantages and disadvantages, hence a detailed discussion with the surgeon is conducted before a final decision can be made

This depends on your job and its physical demands. Some general guidelines are: Upper arm movements, like reaching, should be avoided for the first 1-2 weeks. Lifting anything heavier should be avoided for 6 weeks after the operation. This lifting restriction may prevent some women from returning to work.

The pain from breast augmentation surgery is usually well tolerated and generally can be controlled with medication following the surgery. It is important to note that severe or untreatable pain following surgery can mean infection or another complication.

3.When can I drive? Can I breast feed after augmentation?

Yes. Placement of the implant below the breast tissue, as in subglandular placement, does not affect the ability of the breast to produce milk. Similarly, submuscular placement, or implant placement below one of the chest muscles preserves proper breast functioning. With the peri-areolar incision, an increased risk of breast-feeding problems may exist. For women who choose the infra-mammary or trans-axillary incision, (incisions under the breast and through the armpit), breastfeeding is usually not a problem. Be sure to discuss your breast feeding needs with your surgeon during your consultation.

4.Where is the implant placed ?

The implant can either be placed in a pocket under the pectoralis major muscle (subpectoral), or it can be placed under the breast tissue(sub-glandular). The sub-glandular pocket is the preferred one for implant placement. However, the sub-pectoral pocket may be preferred in specific instances.


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